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Global Equity in Q1 2015

The last time the Ipreo Blog checked in on the Global Equity Markets, to report on the third quarter of 2014, we found that capital inflows had increased across nearly every region, and that momentum continued into the fourth quarter of last year.

As we look back at the first quarter of 2015 via the Global Equity Assets Report, it’s clear that things haven’t slowed down yet. Every region aside from Latin America saw increases in reported equity assets for the first three months of 2015.

Japan took the top spot this quarter, posting a 1.5% increase and maintaining its supremacy as the leading region on a percentage basis, a position it has held since Q3 2013 aside from being overtaken by Asia/Pacific ex. Japan in Q3 2014. The increase for Japanese equities comes at a time that the country saw an economic expansion following two consecutive quarters of economic contraction. Separately, Europe reported the quarter’s second largest net gain with a 1.2% increase following the prior-period’s soft 0.1% uptick, despite a struggling Greek economy (a story that continues to progress at the start of the third quarter).

Sector-wise, seven of the nine witnessed net capital inflows globally during Q1, more than the five sectors that saw net inflows in Q4. Healthcare saw the largest uptick of 0.8%, driven by a 1.2% jump from investors in the Middle East/Africa and a 1.1% increase from Japan. That boost was partially offset by a 4.5% plunge from Latin America, which saw sell-offs across every one of the nine sectors, with Healthcare (-4.5%) and Technology (-4.2%) seeing the largest drops.

The Global Equity Asset Report delves deeper into worldwide investment activity, covering every region and sector each quarter. The latest issue also features a drill down into global investor activity in the Financials sector, and features on the global money centers of Chicago and Stockholm.

The Global Equity Asset Report is published quarterly, and covers institutional investment across global money centers, countries, regions, and sectors. In an attempt to ensure that our data is as comprehensive and accurate as possible, the report pulls from a variety of sources, including publicly-disclosed information, collected from such sources as regulatory ownership filings (including SEC forms 13F/D/G), disclosures made by mutual funds / pension funds to their beneficiaries, registration statements, news releases, and other sources. It should be noted that regulatory filings and other ownership sources vary widely country-by-country as to their completeness and timeliness.

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