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Global Equity in the First Quarter of 2017

We recently published the first 2017 edition of our Global Equity Assets Report, aka GEAR, which covers the first quarter of the year.

Ipreo’s GEAR is published quarterly, and looks at institutional investment across all countries, regions, and sectors. Due to the release time-frame for the data summarized within the report, publication is always a quarter behind. This report contains information on how the markets reacted to the earliest days of President Trump’s administration, as well as other developments that occurred on the world economic stage at the start of 2017.

The news was good. As the year began, the markets sustained the momentum that started at the end of 2016, responding to the Trump White House’s promise of business-friendly tax cuts, deregulation, and increased public spending. The first quarter of the new president’s leadership seems to have – thus far – primed the pump for economic growth.

As usual, the latest GEAR also drills down into North America’s economic activity and dives deep into global investor activity in all nine macro sectors.

Eight of the nine sectors realized net inflows during the quarter, with only Healthcare experiencing outflows. Notably, Healthcare posted a withdrawal of $2.5B, continuing from the $21.5B outflow witnessed in the previous quarter. Meanwhile, Consumer Goods experienced a sharp turnaround, amassing $20.9B in equities after shedding net inflows of $27.7B in Q4.

The next issue, covering the second quarter of the year, will let us know just if the momentum of the previous two quarters can sustain itself.

The Global Equity Assets Report is published quarterly, and covers institutional investment across all countries, regions, and sectors. In an attempt to ensure that our data is as comprehensive and accurate as possible, the report pulls from a variety of sources, including publicly-disclosed information, collected from such sources as regulatory ownership filings (including SEC forms 13F/D/G), disclosures made by mutual funds / pension funds to their beneficiaries, registration statements, news releases, and other sources. It should be noted that regulatory filings and other ownership sources vary widely country-by-country as to their completeness and timeliness.

Read the entire GEAR Q1 2017 issue.

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