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French Proxy Season Preview 2017

Ipreo is headquartered in New York City, but as a global company dedicated to providing insight and analysis across the global markets, we have offices on multiple continents, including Asia, Africa, and Europe. We monitor activity and serve clients in every financial hub around the world.

Our offices in England, Germany, Austria and France support our European corporate business with local sales, account management and GMI production of corporate services and market intelligence on the ground.

Recently, in our ongoing efforts to provide valuable content across all the major markets, our analysts put together a preview of France’s 2017 Proxy Season, which we’ve linked to below.


Across Europe, compensation-related resolutions in France, Switzerland and also Germany continued to send shockwaves through the market, with several remuneration proposals failing to get majority approval or seeing high dissent rates. For the first time in France, an executive pay deal at a company – Renault – did not get approved by shareholders. Volkswagen’s Dieselgate and Stada’s corporate governance malaise became not only German front page newspaper articles but were featured internationally. And shareholder proposals with ongoing disputes between board and key shareholders were present across countries, as the Volkswagen, Stada, in Germany show, but also Sika, Gategroup or Altin in Switzerland as well as Vivendi, Safran or Dassault Systemes in France.

Read the Ipreo Special Report: French Proxy Season Review 2017

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