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Flow of Funds: TUYID Q1 2017

As a global company dedicated to providing insight and analysis across the global markets, Ipreo has  offices all around the world. Our headquarters is in New York City but we have locations in major cities on multiple continents, including Asia, Africa, and Europe. Such presence allows us to monitor activity and serve clients in every financial hub around the world.

Our offices in England, Germany, Austria and France support both our European corporate business and our business in Asia and the Middle East with local sales, account management and GMI production of corporate services and market intelligence on the ground.

Recently, as part of our daily efforts to provide local insight and support to all of our constituents in every market, we put together a report on the funds flow by investment type and regions as well as top buyers and sellers in the Turkish market.

This report is prepared quarterly by IPREO, in cooperation with TÜYİD, using IPREO’s database.

Read the full Flow of Funds Report: TÜYİD Q1 2017

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