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Evaluating ROI for Investor Targets

  • Investor Relations

Earlier this month, Michael Miller, Ipreo’s Director of Investor Relations and Hayden Jardine, an Associate in Ipreo’s Research and Analysis group, collaborated on a report for the Ipreo blog in which they discussed Initiation Rates, a new method for evaluating the effectiveness of investor meetings.

Today, we present part two in this Blog series on Benchmarking.  This time, Michael Miller is joined by Brian Graham, Associate Director of Ipreo’s Research & Analysis team, and Vikram Pursnani, an Associate in the group. Their analysis delves into the tools we’re developing to help IR teams answer the critical questions necessary to ensure that their time is being utilized as efficiently as possible to provide maximum return.

They’ve analyzed Ipreo’s meeting and ownership data across 182 investors to discover a) how often an investor’s initiation follows an IR interaction and b) how many IR interactions occur on average before a position is initiated.

Among the questions being tackled:

  • How much time do I need to spend with targeted investors before they build a position in my stock?
  • Are there investors who require a bit more time spent upfront but are much more likely to build a substantial position because of that extra ‘hand holding’ in the beginning?
  • Am I spending too much time with certain investors who are not likely to ever purchase my stock?

Read the full report: Ipreo Benchmarking: Evaluating ROI for Investor Targets

Read the first report in the series: Ipreo Benchmarking: Calculating ROI for Investor Meetings

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