Top 3 ESG Trends in Private Capital Markets

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) has become an increasingly important facet of a firm’s investment strategy. Ipreo by IHS Markit produces a quarterly report of the companies most favored by socially responsible investors, and over the past few years we’ve published several reports on trends in the ESG space.

Recently, ESG-related topics have become a major touch-point for investors and fund managers in the private markets. In 2018, we conducted a series of interviews, meetings, and round tables with global investors and international organizations, including the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investing, to gain some insight into how those in the private markets are responding to the challenges and opportunities of ESG.

Today, we’re sharing the top 3 trends identified during our research in our latest special report: Top 3 ESG Trends in the Private Markets

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