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Equity Around the World

2014 was a turbulent year across the globe, with political issues and regional conflicts disrupting the markets in a variety of places. What effect did these disruptions have on overall global equity?

The latest issue of Ipreo’s Global Equity Assets Report, our publication that explores institutional investment activity around the world, has some surprising answers.

From the report: Nearly every sector saw capital inflows during Q3 despite the rising fear of a global slowdown and geopolitical uncertainty. North America saw net buying
activity across all sectors except for Industrials as the dollar grew stronger.

Not all of the news was quite so positive: Europeans were a little more bearish, selling off shares in the Basic Materials, Consumer Goods, Energy, and Industrial sectors as a European economic recovery shows no signs of speeding up. As the Ipreo Blog reported back in December, the European Luxury Goods sector saw a similar slowdown.

In fact, despite overall net buying, only a handful of sectors saw the dollar amount invested increase (Consumer Services, Healthcare, and Technology), but it was enough for the total number to rise.

In the latest issue, you’ll find a drill down into global investor activity in the Industrials sector, worldwide institutional investment activity broken down by sector and region, and features on the global money centers of Boston and Oslo.

The Global Equity Asset Report is published quarterly on Ipreo Ink, and covers institutional investment across global money centers, countries, regions, and sectors. In an attempt to ensure that our data is as comprehensive and accurate as possible, the report pulls from a variety of sources, including publicly-disclosed information, collected from such sources as regulatory ownership filings (including SEC forms 13F/D/G), disclosures made by mutual funds / pension funds to their beneficiaries, registration statements, news releases, and other sources. It should be noted that regulatory filings and other ownership sources vary widely country-by-country as to their completeness and timeliness.

Read the entire GEAR Q3 2014 issue on Ipreo Ink.

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