Four Emerging Trends for LPs: A SuperReturn Recap

We’re back with the third article in a four-part series developed from key takeaways at the SuperReturn CFO/COO conference, an event where over 150 attendees from both GP and LP firms were present to discuss their concerns and priorities as the private markets prepare for 2018.

Kyri Yiannakis, Ipreo Private Capital Markets’ EMEA Head of Client Development, attended the conference and returned with interesting insights regarding the shifting role of CFOs and COOs and the evolution of Operational Due Diligence in the modern private capital landscape. But those weren’t the only topics at the forefront of the conference’s discussions.

Today, Kyri is back with a more robust review of the primary discussion points he encountered at SuperReturn CFO/COO, specifically identifying four emerging trends for LPs that promise to play a big role in the future of the industry.

Those trends include enhancing due diligence, re-examining value creation, improving reporting quality, and requiring greater transparency.

Read the entire report: Four Emerging Trends for LPs: A SuperReturn Recap

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