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Economic Forecasting: Nariman’s Top 10

  • Capital Markets

Those of you that follow Ipreo on our blog may not be familiar with everything IHS Markit does in the corporate space, from industry-specific research in areas like defense and energy, to data on the derivatives and securities finance markets, to even vendor management and tax solutions.

However, one core competency at IHS Markit that exists in every business is the forecasting function. IHS Markit’s Economic and Country Risk team provides deep dives into the economic outlook for individual countries and regions globally, including the macro risk inputs that may already be fitting into your operating teams’ internal forecasting tools today, not to mention those of many of your investors.

Therefore, it’s worth announcing when the ECR team produces its Top 10 Economic Predictions for 2019 – as these are the same forecasts that may be sitting in the models used to project and value your businesses. IHS Markit Chief Economist Nariman Behravesh, Ph.D., presents his view of what’s likely to happen in global markets, as well as with rates, currencies, and commodity prices.

While you’re at it, check his team’s track record – of their 2018 top 10 predictions, 8 were on the mark, and one was partially on the mark.

Click here for Nariman’s 2019 Top 10 Economic Predictions. 

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