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Earnings Calls: Best Practices for COVID-19

Planning, Preparing and Presenting Your Next Earnings Call in a COVID-19 World
with Eric Boyer, Senior Vice President of Investor Relations at IHS Markit

Your earnings calls in 2020 will be like no others. Investor fears from COVID-19 have led to record market volatility and an uncertain future. Senior Vice President of Investor Relations at IHS Markit, Eric Boyer gives his key takeaways on how best to plan, prepare, and present your next earnings call. Investors and analysts have been extremely positive with our call and its straight talk and approach during this critical earnings time.  Topics covered include:

  1. How did COVID-19 change your approach to earnings preparation and messaging?
  2. What factors did the management team take into consideration when deciding whether and how to issue guidance?
  3. What were the reactions of the investment community, the market, and employees to your call?
  4. What practices prior to the crisis do you believe served as good preparation for success?
  5. What best practices can you share with companies preparing to deliver their earnings?

Boyer discusses the importance of being overly transparent; highlighting business drivers that impact revenue, liquidity, and cost; providing assumptions and scenarios for guidance; communicating with employees honestly; proactively targeting new shareholders; and more.

Watch our 5-minute video here.

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