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Documenting a Valuation’s Subjective Inputs

Last month, David Mesner, Valuation Analyst, Ipreo Private Capital Markets, compiled a special report that focused on best practices for documenting standard assumptions made during the valuation process. The report was the first in a three-part series detailing valuation reporting and the potential challenges faced when making valid assumptions to maintain report integrity.

Today, David is back with part two in the series to outline specific subjective inputs and how they contribute to the reporting process.


“Subjective inputs in a report are just that: subjective. These selections are the drivers to best represent the company regardless of methodology selected, and while sculpting your opinion with the available tools at hand, there are plenty of metrics, comparable entries, and weightings from which to choose.”

Read the entire report, the second in a three-part series: Avoiding Gray Areas Part 2: Documenting a Valuation’s Subjective Inputs

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