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Corporate Access Survey Results

For the last five years, Ipreo has reached out to our vast network of corporate clients to get their feedback and insight into the value of various corporate access services within the world of investor relations.

We recently compiled the latest edition of the survey. Here are some of the key findings. The entire Corporate Access Survey is available for download below.

Key Findings

  • Large-cap companies attended fewer conferences, freeing up room on the dance cards for small caps, which experienced significant growth in conference participation.
  • Mid-cap companies attended somewhat fewer conferences, with the decline offset completely by an increase in the number of roadshows along with an increase in the number of one-on-one meetings.
  • Companies relied less on independent corporate access firms and IR consultants to arrange their events.

Follow the link for the full study, which includes all of the results from Ipreo’s 2014/15 Corporate Access Survey.

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