Coffee with an Ipreo Expert: Corporate Governance

Ipreo recently launched a new video series, entitled “Coffee with an Ipreo Expert.”

The series features Agnies Watson, our EVP of Corporate Workflow Solutions, and a collection of Ipreo personnel sitting down to discuss some of the financial industry’s most pressing issues, how Ipreo can help illuminate and solve for those issues, and the in-house experts who power the tools you use every day.

Here’s a brief intro to the series:

The second edition of “Coffee with an Ipreo Expert” has Agnies sitting down with Brian Matt, Ipreo’s Director and Global Head of Strategy & Innovation. The two discuss how institutions are voting this proxy season, and the background on those voting firms.

As the summer progresses, more of Ipreo’s subject matter experts will be going in front of the camera to shed some light on their areas of expertise, and provide you with the intel you need to navigate today’s turbulent financial waters.

The first installment featured Agnies chatting with Michael Miller, Ipreo’s Director of Investor Relations Advisory, chatting with Agnies about the importance of planning and executing a successful Investor Day for IROs.

Stay tuned for more!