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CEO-to-Median Employee Pay Ratio

As an advisor and data provider to large public companies, at Ipreo we’re often accustomed to alerting clients to issues of serious concern, and helping them come up with action plans to help cope.

Therefore, it’s almost refreshing for us to provide a conclusion of “don’t worry about it!” in our latest special report.

The report covers a provocative topic – the comparison between what a CEO earns and what a median employee takes home – but specifically views it from the perspective of investors. While the timely topic will certainly receive its share of media attention, a review of proxy advisor, investor, and company views on the topic shows that there’s very little for IR teams, management, or boards to be worried about.

Click the link below to read the full report and review the first “green shoots” of proxy statements containing pay ratio disclosures as segmented by industry sector. Additionally, see what policy guidance proxy advisors and major institutional shareholders are sharing and why issuers should have no voting concerns for the 2018 proxy season.

Read the Ipreo Special Report: CEO-to-Median Employee Pay Ratio

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