Key Insights from the Loans Agency Community

On November 10th 2014, Ipreo Debtdomain held the second EMEA Loans Agency Conference at America Square Conference Centre in London. Attendance was high, with 165 agency delegates, representing 91 agency teams, vendors, market associations and other firms. Delegates traveled from…

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Basic Materials Bounces Back

In this age of online shopping, social media and i-everything, it can be easy to forget that the digital world is but a small piece of the economic pie, especially when it comes to the new issuance market. Companies that…

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The Largest MLP IPO of 2014

Earlier this week, Shell Limited Partnership priced one of the largest MLP IPOs of all time, the largest of the decade, and certainly the largest of 2014. What’s an MLP? It’s a Master Limited Partnership. What's a Master Limited Partnership?…

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