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Calculating ROI for Investor Meetings

  • Investor Relations

One of the most important aspects of a company’s Investor Relations program is deciding how to allocate management’s limited time to investor meetings and how to ensure those interactions are as productive as possible.   

Michael Miller, Ipreo’s Director of Investor Relations Advisory, knows this well.  Today, he and Hayden Jardine, an Associate in Ipreo’s Research & Analysis group, are sharing an interesting new approach to evaluating how well your IR team is doing in terms of generating returns on investor meetings.

In this new report, they’ve analyzed ownership data and meeting information across 750+ corporate clients to generate Initiation Rates, i.e., the percentage of meetings with prospective investors that results in an initiation in the 12 months following.


“The top 10% of companies analyzed generated higher than a 12% Initiation Rate. These outperformers experienced an initiation for 1 out of every 8 meetings they had with non-holders. This is the range to which a best-in-class IR program should aspire.

Read the full report: Ipreo Benchmarking: Calculating ROI for Investor Meetings

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