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The Buy Side and Corporate Access

A few weeks ago, we published the 2015 Corporate Access Survey, Ipreo’s fifth annual report featuring insight and opinions on all things Corporate Access-related, including activity levels, management participation, sponsor strengths and weaknesses, overall satisfaction levels, and notable regional variations of the interactions between public companies and the investment community. The report, which you can download in its entirety, explores what our corporate clients think of the current, but always-changing, landscape of corporate access.

Today, we get the buy-side’s take.

We reached out to select buy-side analysts and portfolio managers for their opinions on corporate access that’s provided directly by issuers and how they define a good team versus a bad team. As always, there was a wide range of responses, but some consensus did materialize, particularly in relation to the responsiveness of investor relations programs, and the accessibility of CEOs and CFOs. How these goals could be achieved proved slightly less obvious.

Read everything the buy side had to say in our latest Hot Topic, which covers Corporate Access Provided Directly by Issuers.

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