Brexit and the European Private Capital Markets

It was only 16 months ago that the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. That’s a blink of time compared to the decades of the U.K.’s EU membership and policy participation, and there remain many unresolved questions around how Brexit will play out.

Here at Ipreo, the ramifications to the financial markets are top of mind, and today we’re taking a look at the private markets response to U.K.’s unprecedented departure.

Recently, at the 2017 SuperReturn CFO/COO Forum, a panelist asked the audience, “Who thinks there will be a clear plan for Brexit by the end of 2018?”. No one raised their hand. But what does that mean for the private capital markets? Is that uncertainty alarming for potential investors, or enticing?

Ipreo Private Capital Markets’ latest special report, Brexit and the European Private Capital Markets: Uncertainty or Opportunity?, considers that very question.

Read the full report.


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