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Audit Tips From the Big 4 Auditors

  • Private Capital Markets

Ipreo’s Private Capital Markets (PCM) group constantly provides clients with a wide variety of valuable information on issues that are important to fund managers and investors.

The Blog has published multiple pieces related to the private capital markets, covering topics such as the OPM method of allocating value, volatility, leveraging technology in real estate investing, and, recently, data and content integrity. PCM’s latest contribution to the blog comes from Bharat Kanodia, Director of Valuations.

Bharat’s piece delves into issues that the inception of ASC Topic 820 brought forth, and discusses what is relevant to, and problematic for, companies attempting to clear an audit. Ipreo’s Qval software eases these issues significantly, but there are still plenty of audit minefields.

In this special report, we present tips from the Big 4 Auditors to help companies better navigate, and ultimately survive, the audit process. We reached out to our colleagues and asked these three questions:

• What are the areas of anticipated focus in the 2017-2018 audit?
• What are the top auditor suggestions for a smoother year-end?
• What triggers a valuation being passed to the technical services teams for additional testing?”

Read the first report in a three part series – Audit Tips from the Big 4 Auditors.

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