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The ADIA’s Proactive Approach To Investing

Yesterday, we shared a flow of funds report for the Turkish market, an example of the global reach made possible by Ipreo’s presence in all the major markets.

On top of providing insight into markets in different regions around the world, Ipreo also leverages our strong relationships with institutions in major markets to offer an inside look at their practices and methods.

For our latest special report, we collaborated with the investment team at one such institution, the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA). Our report, which, like yesterday’s, focuses on the EMEA region, aims to provide issuers with a view into the institution’s investment strategy and recent moves to bring an increasing amount of capital under in-house active management.


Although the fund does not publicly disclose AUM or holdings, the Sovereign Wealth Institute estimates that the fund is managing over $792B in AUM, making it the third largest Sovereign Wealth Fund (just behind China Investment Corp. and the Government Pension Fund of Norway). To compare the SWF to a well-known U.S. active manager, the largest active mutual fund manager in North America, Fidelity Management & Research Company, manages $801B in EAUM, with reported total assets of $1.1T.

Find out how you can best engage with the ADIA team in our new special report: Abu Dhabi Investment Authority’s Proactive Approach to Investing

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