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2014’s Best First-Day Performers

Alibaba. Healthcare. REITs. MLPs. Basic materials. 2014 was littered with big numbers, big deals, and big names. Seemingly every other week saw a new record broken or a new milestone achieved.

We all know about Alibaba. Biggest IPO in history. Processed on multiple Ipreo platforms. Blah blah blah. And last week we talked a little about the sheer amount of healthcare and biotech deals. But we haven’t spent a lot of time talking about actual stock performance.

Which brings us back to healthcare (again) and biotech (again), with Dicerna Pharmaceuticals.

The biotech firm posted the year’s largest first-day pop, its stock price jumping an astonishing 206.7% out of the starting gate, behind Chinese search engine’s 353.85% first-day gain as the second-biggest of all time. Unfortunately, Dicerna’s good luck did not hold, as the firm is trading 12.8% below its offer price at the time of publication. Impressive nonetheless, and yet another feather in healthcare’s 2014 cap. Which is kind of overflowing with feathers this year!

If fact, of the seven IPOs that ended their opening sessions with returns over 100%, all but one of those was from either a healthcare or a technology company. The lone outlier? The Habit Restaurants, a casual dining chain, which was actually one of several restaurant-based IPOs that made news this year, including Dave & Buster’s, El Pollo Loco, and even GrubHub, the online delivery service that allows you to eat restaurant food at home and saw a first-day rise of almost 54%.

Finally, another sector gets to eat!

Of course, there are still two weeks left in 2014, but with the holidays slowing things down, it probably won’t be until 2015 that we’ll know if healthcare will be knocked off its perch.

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