Ipreo's Enhanced Order Monitor

The most comprehensive live order monitor solution in the market

Our Order Monitor Platform…

is our best-in-class deal tracking for investor & syndicate orders, subscription levels, retail breakdown, real-time order tracking, investor analysis, subscription detail and more.


Evaluate all offered maturities by series, subscription, priority, retail, investor type, syndicate member participation and more.


Watch investors place orders on your deal. View real-time analysis about that investor. Evaluate top investors on your deal by name or type.


Track syndicate members’ participation and orders across the deal. Evaluate top syndicate members by firm name or type.


Get full access to raw order book data, exportable and fully minable


Keep an eye on live rates, equities, headlines and economic news


Track deal stats in real-time, such as total orders, total fill, total balance, order period countdown clock and more.


View consolidated reports breaking down investor and syndicate member activity.


View our application from any desktop, laptop or tablet device – anywhere, anytime.

Learn more about our exciting enhanced order monitor platform for the municipal market!

Tranche Control

Select various lenses to view the order book across tranches, including a general overview by priority type, retail categories, manager type and investor type 

Click into any maturity to get further detail of the tranche and its orders

Search for or select from a dropdown any investor or syndicate member and view all their orders

View maturity splits by series, coupon, etc; Combine into a single maturity at the click of a buttonof the deal order stats

Tranche Control

Deal Summary

Deal Summary

Quick reference deal stats: total orders, total fill, total balance, time remaining in order period, etc

Fill bars to indicate overall deal progress across the entire curve or by sections

Launch the original Deal Monitor for a table view
of the deal order stats

Recent Orders

Track individual orders as they come into the order book

View the Indicator icon to get immediate context of an order. Quickly suggests whether it is accretive to the book at the time of entry, whether it is a large order, where on the yield curve it is and what type of order it is

Launch the All Orders page to mine, filter, sort or export the data

Top Investors/ Syndicate Members

Track aggregate investor and syndicate member participation on the deal, with largest always on top

Launch Reports to get a thorough breakdown of orders by either syndicate member or investors across priority types, syndicate member types or investor types

Coming Soon

Monitor the market; Rates, Equities, Headline News, Economic News

View investor profiles, detailing individual investors, AUM, muni holdings data, historical participation, issuer specific holding data, roadshow participation, aggregate order summaries and more

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